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Child sexually assaulted in Minneapolis neighborhood where residents boycotted the police

by J.C McCallum

In a horrible turn of predictable events, a child has been sexually assaulted in a homeless encampment in a neighborhood where residents stupidly called for the police to be boycotted, for their safety of course. From CBS News:

A juvenile has been sexually assaulted at a Minneapolis homeless encampment.

A Park and Recreation Board spokeswoman told a Minneapolis-based newspaper the assault happened at one of the encampments in south Minneapolis’ Powderhorn Park neighborhood.

The people who took the victim to the hospital did not call police. Staff at Abbott Northwestern Hospital called park police early Friday. Park police are investigating but have made no arrests.

Not only did the residents welcome the homeless tents, out of their sentimental empathy for the homeless, but then they called for the police to be banished from their neighborhood. From the Washington Times:

It’s been just over two weeks since the tent encampment went up on the east and west side of Powderhorn Park, where many neighbors have sworn off calling law enforcement in solidarity with their neighbors of color.

The New York Times interviewed multiple residents of the Powderhorn Park neighborhood, most of them liberal, White women who promised to turn a blind eye to any property damage, including to their own homes, resulting from the nearby encampment.They even requested a block party permit from the city to limit car traffic, the Times reported.

One male resident said he regretted recently calling the police on two Black teenagers who pulled a gun on him and demanded his car.

“So I would have lost my car. So what?” he told The Times.

You reap what you sow, stupid. Where were all the liberal activists when that poor kid was being abused? Pathetic…

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