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California county plans for specialized team to confiscate guns from those ordered by court

by J.C McCallum

A county in California is planning to form a special team just to confiscate guns from those that are not supposed to have them. From the Blaze:

On Monday, Santa Clara County officials announced the possible formation of what they call a “County Gun Team.”

The sole purpose of the team is to take away firearms from those people who should not have them.

Officials said that approximately 4,600 people annually are court-ordered to turn in their guns, which necessitates the County Gun Team.

Santa Clara County Supervisor Cindy Chavez requested the county’s board of supervisors to fund the new program, to the tune of $427,000 annually, in order to cover attorney and investigator expenses for the new team.

Here’s the deal. We already allow courts to have a say whether certain people can have guns or not. So it’s not unreasonable for law enforcement officials to have special teams to deal with that. Of course, all of us Second Amendment nuts worry if this is just the next step for government to try to disarm all of their citizens.

More from the Blaze:

San Jose Police Deputy Chief of Investigations Heather Randol is happy with the concept and said she is willing to try almost anything in order to keep citizens safe.

“We’re dealing with increasing violent crime involving weapons,” Randol said. “Anything that’s going to make the community safer by removing illegal weapons is something we support.”

“We have officers who are experts in this area,” Randol continued. “Our special operations takes each case very seriously. There is a step-by-step process that they go through before they actually serve that warrant.”

According to KTVU-TV, gun crimes in domestic violence cases have steadily increased over the past 10 years.

As long as there are government officials just waiting to take away your guns, we should be wary of any escalation of the ABILITY of the government to take away our guns… especially in crackhead California.

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