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Busted: Dem Senators Caught Oversees In Meeting With Iran To Undermine President Trump

by Paul Goldberg

Democrat Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut and other senators have been caught oversees in a meeting with Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Jahad Zarif during the Munich Security Conference last week.

You can thank a source that briefed the French delegation that attended the conference, Murphy’s office has been mum about the meeting and will not answer any questions nor has he denied the meeting took place.

This meeting would mean that Murphy has done some type of secret coordination with enemies of the United States, especially after just voting to handcuff the President’s powers in dealing with Iran. Mollie Hemingway at the Federalist blew the lid off the meeting:

The Munich Security Conference, an annual forum on international security policy, welcomes hundreds of world leaders each February. This year’s conference featured robust debate on the United States’ maximum pressure policy against Iran, China’s handling of the coronavirus and technology concerns, and the European alliance with the United States. Other Democrat senators at the conference included Sens. Robert Menendez of New Jersey and Chris Van Hollen of Maryland. Former Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts also attended.

Both Murphy and Zarif spoke publicly during a two-hour session on Middle East policy, with Murphy and Zarif both fiercely criticizing U.S. policy.

The State Department has confirmed that they did not authorize or were aware of any side meetings with Iranian officials that Senator Murphy was involved in.

Murphy is also heavily involved with the lobbying group, the National Iranian American Council a group that has ties directly to the Islamic Republic of Iran. Republican Senators Braun, Cotton, and Cruz have requested that the Department of Justice investigate the group for violations of the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

The Senators wrote that the group, “purports to improve understanding between American and Iranian people but in reality seems to spread propaganda and lobby on behalf of the Iranian government.” There is also evidence to support that Zarif founded the group himself.

The Federalist 

Written by Staff WriterFebruary 17, 2020

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