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BREAKING: Two Dem Reps Busted Failing to Disclose All Expenses Paid Trip to Qatar

by Paul Goldberg

A new report shows that Democrats hid gifts from infamous foreign meddlers.

Basically, what Qatar is doing, by pushing propaganda, is what the Russians did during the 2016 elections.

FAIR reported that the government of Qatar, through its state sponsored international propaganda outlet, Al Jazeera, is actively engaged in spreading malicious disinformation in what is a clear attempt to influence the upcoming midterm elections. Al Jazeera, using a paid operative, immigration attorney Hassan Ahmad, is attempting to stoke racial and ethnic tensions in the United States through false and inflammatory rhetoric on the important topic of immigration policy.

From Daily Caller 

Six Democrats took an all-expenses paid trip paid for by the government of Qatar in December, but two of them did not disclose it, annual ethics forms reveal.

Democratic Reps. Donald Norcross of New Jersey and Jim Himes of Connecticut did not report taking the trip to Doha, Qatar, on their mandatory disclosure forms, but Buzzfeed said they were there at the elaborate Doha Forum gathering in December.

The congressmen hold sensitive positions that make them targets of influence for Qatar, a wealthy Arab nation.

Himes is on the House Permanent Select Committee On Intelligence and is chair of its Strategic Technologies and Advanced Research subcommittee. Norcross is on the House Armed Services Committee and chairs its Tactical Air and Land Forces subcommittee.

The U.S. has a military base in Qatar and the country also purchases military equipment from the U.S.

Despite Democrats’ rhetoric on the dangers of “foreign meddling,” Hines did not respond to questions from the Daily Caller News Foundation about the hidden gift.

Norcross’ spokeswoman Ally Kehoe merely stated, “my office is aware of this oversight and we will be filing an amendment.”

Most of the other politicians who Buzzfeed said were there did report the trip: Democratic Reps. Andre Carson and Dan Kildee of Michigan and Ami Bera of California. Democratic Rep. Brendan Boyle of Pennsylvania was on the trip but got an extension on filing his disclosure.

Carson is on the intelligence committee and its counterterrorism subcommittee. Bera is a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee and chairs its investigations subcommittee.

The congressmen met with Qatar’s deputy prime minister and minister of foreign affairs on the trip.

On Tuesday, congressional Republicans asked the Department of Justice to force Qatar’s media arm, Al Jazeera, to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

“[O]ne can reasonably infer that Al Jazeera is a messaging tool for the Qatari government, and, on its behalf, has engaged in inherently political activities and sought to influence public opinion in the United States,” reads the letter, which six senators and two members of Congress signed.

Al Jazeera “has proved itself a useful tool for the station’s political masters,” Joseph LeBaron, who served as ambassador to Qatar in the Bush and Obama administrations, wrote in a 2009 diplomatic cable.

The Department of Education is also investigating Qatar’s infusion of cash into U.S. universities. Qatar poured a billion dollars into U.S. colleges between 2011 and 2016  especially to Georgetown University, known for training America’s future diplomats. Georgetown also has a federal contact that enables it to help shape the way the Middle East is taught to American children in K-12 schools.

ThinkProgress reported: “Qatar operates under strict, Wahhabi-influenced Sharia law which attaches harsh criminal penalties to such things as alcohol consumption (forbidden in all but a few venues) and anything that might be termed an ‘illicit’ sexual practice,” including gay sex.

Freedom House, which monitors human rights, says that in Qatar, “Corporal punishment in the form of flogging can be imposed on Muslim defendants for certain offenses under Sharia (Islamic law), including alcohol consumption and extramarital sex.” It rates Qatar a zero on a scale of four for the question, “Do laws, policies, and practices guarantee equal treatment of various segments of the population?”

The failure to disclose the trips was first reported by Al-Monitor.


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Cleavis Nowell June 22, 2019 - 23:21

The democrat representatives may have made side trips to Qatar for “catamite” boy toys. Andre Carson has a long term association with Hamas/Muslim Brotherhood CAIR which is banned by UAE and other islamist ummah.

flurby June 23, 2019 - 00:05

Great news about what is happening in our schools and all other things this has been established and pushed into.

Glyn Davies June 23, 2019 - 22:03

Al-Jizzera did the same thing to two Australians …setting them up with a false narrative with NRA and money talk…making the politician’s look bad with editing and a few drinks in a strip club…

william g munson June 25, 2019 - 21:15

Well you know that is the way of the Democrats period coverup and delete and not let people know it too

Moira June 29, 2019 - 13:23

It has recently come to light that Facebook was involved in the recent elections in Ireland on the abortion bill that had the country pretty much engaged. Interference? The democrats love to suck up to the rich so these trips are not a surprise. I don’t think it is bad to go to a foreign country like this to better understand the culture that controls a large population, but much like the interview with Dan Rather and Saddam where Saddam got easy questions; Rather’s entire group knew of serious basic human rights violations etc. while in the country, soft peddled the dictators behavior etc.. and only months and months later did this come out. Of course Dan Rather sucked up fame and money for being the “interviewer of the month…. if you go to one of these countries and enjoy the benefits but don’t really look around and make a proper judgement on what is going on. then you are just a whore going for a free dinner.
What is really going on, is the fake way they (Quatar, Saudis etc..) get others to come to their country to work, then keep them in virtual slavery by not paying them, not allowing them to go home, taking away their passports and when they complain jailing them in horrific conditions. that’s just for a start.


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