Home News BREAKING: Schiff Says Trump’s Ukraine Call could Justify Impeachment

BREAKING: Schiff Says Trump’s Ukraine Call could Justify Impeachment

by Paul Goldberg
BREAKING: Schiff Says Trump’s Ukraine Call could Justify Impeachment

Moments ago, Rep. Adam Schiff told Jake Tapper of CNN impeachment “may be the only remedy” if Trump sought to withhold aid to Ukraine in exchange for investigating the Bidens.

“The president is pushing us down this road…He may force us to go down this road…We may very well have crossed the rubicon here”


Reuters reports If an investigation shows that U.S. President Donald Trump pressured his Ukrainian counterpart to investigate former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, then impeachment would be the only option, U.S. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff said on Sunday.

Schiff had previously shied away from calling for impeachment, but his comments on CNN’s “State of the Union” indicate his stance has shifted.

“If the president is essentially withholding military aid at the same time that he is trying to browbeat a foreign leader to do something illicit, to provide dirt on his opponent during a presidential campaign, then that may be the only remedy that is co-equal to the evil that conduct represents,” Schiff said.

Schiff told CNN on July 25 that the only way Trump would leave office is to be “voted out,” while encouraging Democrats to make sure voters go to the polls in 2020.

Other Democrats, including presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren, and New York congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, have called for Democratic leadership to pursue impeachment immediately.

Trump’s July 25 call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is at the center of an escalating battle in Washington. The Trump administration has refused to give Congress a whistleblower’s complaint about the call, in which Trump reportedly pressured Zelensky to investigate unsubstantiated allegations about Biden.

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Christian Gains September 22, 2019 - 18:32

Well, WELL! The “MOST DISHONORABLE & CONSISTENT LIAR” Mr. “Shiffty” has come to the REALIZATION that he HAS TO IMPEACH!!????

He’s a bit late to THAT party, but, he’s more than just a little thrilled to be able to be Mr “SHIFTY” Shiff again!!

He’s SOOOOooooo good at shifting from one lie to next!

Freeland_Dave September 22, 2019 - 20:44

No Adam, you waste your time ferreting it from your minions leaking info out of the White House.

Keith Bond September 24, 2019 - 02:01

He got it wrong, impeachment no, indictment yes for Joe Biden. For the last 3 years, the left has got nothing correct.


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