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Bill Barr Subpoena’s Entire Democratic Organization Of Chicago Suburb In Corruption Probe

by Paul Goldberg

The entire Democratic establishment in Chicago is on high alert after sweeping raids by the FBI and a new round of subpoenas.

Stunning even hardened cynics of Illinois politics, the entire Democratic organization of a Chicago suburb was subpoenaed in an ongoing corruption probe.

Some heavy hitters have already been indicted and with this new move expect more heads to roll. This goes all the way to the top no doubts.

From The Chicago Tribune: FBI agents who raided the village hall in southwest suburban Lyons last month seized a plethora of evidence, including information on a clout-heavy red light camera company, a popular brewery, an embattled video gaming magnate and a construction magnate who owns a huge quarry in town, records show.

On the day of the Sept. 26 raid, Lyons was also served with a federal grand jury subpoena demanding a wide range of records on a hotel and resort backed by Mayor Christopher Getty, the home security system at Getty’s residence and the entire Democratic Organization of Lyons Township — headed by state Sen. Steven Landek.

The documents, released by Lyons after business hours on Tuesday, were the latest public disclosure in a sprawling federal political corruption investigation that has rocked Springfield and Chicago’s near southwestern suburbs, the traditional power base of Democratic House Speaker Michael Madigan.

The investigation, which records show has been going on behind the scenes since at least 2017, exploded in the public eye on Sept. 24, when the FBI and Internal Revenue Service agents carried out search warrants at the offices of state Sen. Martin Sandoval in the Capitol and in west suburban Cicero.

So far, no one has been criminally charged in the ongoing probe.

Lyons officials had initially issued a blanket denial of open records requests from the news media, claiming federal investigators had asked that no information be released about the warrant. But the town acquiesced after being sued by several media outlets.


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Freeland_Dave October 17, 2019 - 21:15

Chicago? Democrats? Didn’t Hillary start out working for the Mob’s attorney’s in Chicago before taking up in Bill’s drug running operations in Arkansas? Enough said.

mauloa October 18, 2019 - 23:38

Hillary, Obama – they all start small and progress to the higher offices where they can magnify their corruption.

Freeland_Dave October 18, 2019 - 23:50

Right. And as I recall Michelle and Barry, I think, were social workers in Chicago. With all the crap that these Leftists have done it’s difficult to keep track of all of it. Especially when the judicial and law enforcement administrators are so corrupt these people do not get prosecuted and convicted of their crimes.

In the case of the Clinton’s they have gotten away with rape, murder, treason, insider trading, mishandling of campaign contributions for personal wealth and no telling how many other crimes. They walk free.

If you or I did any one of those things we’d never see he light of day as free men for the rest of our lives.

mauloa October 19, 2019 - 00:14

I notice you are retired as are we. That tells the story — we are just too old to keep having this “cra*” go on. We’ve got the history/experience to draw on.

Freeland_Dave October 19, 2019 - 00:26

Revisionist History is what really bothers me. Vietnam especially. I worked in OPS under a Flag and was privy o many things that ‘did not happen’ they way they were recorded in history books. After Nam I became a Military Space Communications Engineer and handled secure communications for the White House, not in the White House but the satellites and ground equipment that made it all possible for Ronald Regan and most of the Obama administration. To do my job I had to monitor what was being sent so the end users could see it. THAT is why I maintain that two politicians alive today should be prosecuted and sentenced to Federal prison for compromising Classified information and lying about their involvement in several areas.

mauloa October 19, 2019 - 01:45

It is a heavy burden to have to bear, one you should not have had. My brother was in the Foreign Service and saw some things he wished he had not. I’m a woman who had the privilege of working on the B2 Stealth Bomber in the Black and after roll-out. So many interesting experiences are ours, but usually along with these come those few that can leave a bitter taste in the mouth. One positive I feel at my age is — I know what the “good old days” meant – something our young friends can’t imagine.

Terry McFarland October 19, 2019 - 03:23


ZombieReady October 19, 2019 - 15:58

The FBI is as corrupt as the Democratic Party, Don’t trust them, they are working for the enemy. This is only window dressing , to give the impression of neutrality.

Richard McDonald October 20, 2019 - 20:25

“So far, no one has been criminally charged in the ongoing probe”, if this is the case – why does this article assert people have been indicted already? Once indicted, you are charged. And, you only get indicted when you have been determined to have been involved in criminal activity.

Michael White October 23, 2019 - 11:31

Hey didn’t they indict McCabe? What about the report?, Putin pets like barr is finished!
I suspect he could be imprisoned for life the fascist! Oh but guilie is going with him, so is Pompey, so is pence and perry the idiots, and of course all the other capitulators, and Traitor scum. We are done with treasonous cave scum!


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