Home News BIG BREAKING: CNN settles Nick Sandmann lawsuit! – [UPDATE: MORE LAWSUITS COMING]

BIG BREAKING: CNN settles Nick Sandmann lawsuit! – [UPDATE: MORE LAWSUITS COMING]

by J.C McCallum

It’s being reported now that the lawsuit against CNN, brought by Covington Catholic student Nick Sandmann, has now been settled for an undisclosed amount of money:

FOX 19 – CNN agreed Tuesday to settle a lawsuit with Covington Catholic student Nick Sandmann.

The amount of the settlement was not made public during a hearing at the federal courthouse in Covington, Kentucky.

Sandmann’s lawsuit sought $800 million from CNN, the Washington Post and NBC Universal.

Trial dates are still not set for Sandmann’s lawsuit against NBC Universal and the Washington Post.

The Washington Post suit sought $250 million. A federal judge let a portion of the suit go forward after The Post filed a motion to dismiss it.

I do wish we knew the amount of the settlement. But I suspect that it was a significant amount, enough for Lin Wood and Sandmann to accept it.

Even so, this is a huge victory for Sandman after he was trashed in the media by CNN and so many others who were exploiting hatred of the kid for ratings.

UPDATE: Lin Wood says they are preparing to sue Nathan Phillips, Gannett, and the owners of the Enquirer:

A lawsuit is expected to be filed against Phillips, Wood said. He indicated that lawsuit would seek $5 million, but the judge said that Phillips does not have as much money as the other defendants.

They also plan to sue Gannett, owners of The Enquirer, according to Wood.

He said he will bring that to the judge in the next 60 days.

Attorneys say the money they’re seeking is not designed to compensate Nick, but to “deter the defendants” from doing the same thing (that they’re accused of) in the future.

Exactly. This is really about protecting others from the same horrendous coverage and hateful attacks as were suffered by Sandmann. Lin Wood said it got so bad that Sandmann and his family “had to move from their home temporarily” and that he “was not permitted to attend school directly after the trip to Washington.”

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