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Biden Picks Fanatical Gun Control Marxist to Run ATF

by Paul Goldberg
Biden Picks Fanatical Gun Control Marxist to Run ATF

Biden has nominated radical Marxist David Chipman to run the Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms Division (ATF).

Chipman is a former agent of the ATF and is a gun control activist.

The former ATF agent served as a senior policy adviser to former Arizona Rep Gabby Giffords and has also worked with Mike Bloomberg to limit 2nd Amendment freedoms.

According to reports, Chipman also believes conspiracy theories surrounding a contentious moment during the Waco siege.

From the Daily Caller:

Chipman, who posted a photograph on the Reddit thread confirming his identity, commented on the Waco siege in response to a question from a participant who asked whether any crimes have been committed with .50 caliber Barrett rifles, which can be accurate up to thousands of feet from their target.

Chipman wrote:

At Waco, cult members used 2 .50 caliber Barretts to shoot down two Texas Air National Guard helicopters. Point, it is true we are fortunate they are not used in crime more often. The victims of drug lords in Mexico are not so lucky. America plays a role in fueling the violence south of the border.

A 1996 House report found that Chipman is one hundred percent wrong:

“Although all of the three helicopters sustained damage from weapons fire, none of the National Guard crews or ATF aboard were injured.”

Chipman believes, “all gun sales should be limited to licensed gun stores where a background check and paperwork is required.”

He also wants to ban the productions and sales of assault rifles.

“It has been estimated that there are around 15 million assault rifles currently in circulation. I believe we should ban the future production and sale to civilians and afford current owners of these firearms the ability to license these particularly guns with ATF under the National Firearms Act,” he wrote.

“For the general public, seeing a gun out in public is a little frightening. To me, living in fear is harm that we should avoid. When I carry I make sure it’s concealed. I’m not trying to make some statement.”

Typical liberal, he has no problem limiting Americans’ rights however, carries a firearm himself.

I wonder what Chipman would say if he was asked about Hunter Biden lying on a background check to purchase a firearm?

Daily Caller 

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