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Biden Shocked Over Poll Showing Top Dem 2024 Candidates

by Paul Goldberg
Biden Shocked Over Poll Showing Top Dem 2024 Candidates

The good news for Democrats is that there is growing momentum for President Joe Biden to be
a one-term president.
The bad news is there is a new 2024 poll that shows who their top alternatives are!
The poll indicates that at the top of the heap for the Democrats is Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg who is leading in New Hampshire.
In 2020, Sen. Bernie Sanders led the pack in New Hampshire and Buttigieg came in second

The mainstream media has been fixated on what Trump is planning to do in 2024, and they
have gobbled up the way that DeSantis is showing his power and might for a potential 2024 run.
But the media has been silent on who from the Democratic potentials has a shot at replacing
sleepy Joe.

Well, now we know, and it is pretty bleak.
The New Hampshire poll shows Buttigieg is at 17 percent and the president if he runs, is at 16
percent. The rest of the pack is Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Governor Gavin Newsom at 10
percent, Sen. Amy Klobuchar at 9 percent, Sen. Sanders at 8 percent, Vice President Harris at
six percent, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez at 5 percent and…
Wait for it…Hillary Clinton is below even 5 percent!

So here’s the bottom line, the novice who didn’t do a great job at running a city of just over
100,000 residents, is number one in the Democratic Party to run for president.
Maybe the worst thing about the poll is just how bad the whole pack is. The Washington Post
published an article ranking the “top-ten” 2024 Democratic Presidential hopefuls. And only one
of their candidates on the list has a viable chance to win the general election.
So who is the real winner of the 2024 New Hampshire poll? The Republican Party!

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July 27, 2022

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