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Biden Poll Terrorizes Dems, ‘This Is A Bad Poll For Joe Biden, And It’s Playing Out In…’

by Paul Goldberg
Biden Poll Terrorizes Dems, ‘This Is A Bad Poll For Joe Biden, And It’s Playing Out In…’

A new poll is terrifying Democrats and it should be “a blaring red alarm” for the party.

Of course they’ll ignore it and try to ram their radical agenda through anyway. 

A recent poll in Iowa shows that only 31% of Iowans approve of Joe Biden which is lower than former president Donald Trump (35%) and Barack Obama (36%).

That is a 12 point drop since that last poll that was taken in June.

From the Des Moines Register:

Thirty-one percent of Iowans approve of how Biden is handling his job, while 62% disapprove and 7% are not sure, according to the latest Des Moines Register/Mediacom Iowa Poll.

That’s a 12 percentage point drop in approval from June, the last time the question was asked. Biden’s disapproval numbers jumped by 10 points during the same period.In June, 43% approved and 52% disapproved.

Biden’s job approval has not been in net positive territory in Iowa since March, when 47% of Iowans approved of his performance and 44% disapproved.

Biden is losing most of his ground with Independents or with people that don’t vote along party lines. The poll showed that 96% of Republicans disapproved of Biden while 86% of Democrats approved. A majority of independents disapprove, at 62% of Joe Biden.

“The way we exited Afghanistan was pretty sad,” said poll respondent said. “Not the fact that we left Afghanistan, because we probably should have done that a long time ago, but just the way we did that it felt like Americans were abandoned and it felt like we just left equipment there.”

Another alarm bell is that poll respondents are now disapproving of Biden’s handling of the coronavirus. Biden dropped 17 points, showing that 62% disapprove of his COVID policies. Originally, COVID was a safe issue for him however since announcing a vaccine mandate his numbers have plummeted.

Singleton, the political independent and a “reluctant” Trump voter last year, said the mandate “really upset me.”

“I think forcing people to inject something into their body isn’t the right way to handle it,” he said.

He said he thought the country was headed in the right direction with encouraging vaccinations, but he disagreed with the announcement of a mandate.

“Me, personally, I was hesitant to get the vaccine but I might have been swayed to do it,” he said. “But then when he said, ‘no, you have to,’ it just kind of steeled my resolve not to.”

Biden continues to be the best commercial for the Republican party coming into the midterms, everything he touches is turning into dust.

Des Moines Register 

Written by Staff Writer

September 21, 2021

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