Home News AOC says Senate Dems should FIRE parliamentarian for rejecting $15/hr minimum wage

AOC says Senate Dems should FIRE parliamentarian for rejecting $15/hr minimum wage

by J.C McCallum
AOC says Senate Dems should FIRE parliamentarian for rejecting $15/hr minimum wage

We just wrote about Democrats losing their mind and calling for Kamala Harris to override the Senate Parliamentarian who rejected the $15/hr minimum wage portion of the COVID bill because it didn’t meet the restrictions called for by the reconciliation process and the Byrd Rule.

Now AOC is jumping in, calling on Senate Democrats to fire the parliamentarian who made the ruling:

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said on Friday Democrats should overrule or fire the Senate parliamentarian after Elizabeth MacDonough ruled the $15 minimum wage cannot be included in the COVID relief package.

‘I think all options should be on the table,’ she told reporters on Capitol Hill when asked about the matter.

‘I think the parliamentarian is verging on, you know, just really intruding in this legislative process in a very concerning way,’ the Democrat from New York noted.

Ocasio-Cortez pointed out that the House parliamentarian ruled the wage hike could be in that chamber’s version of the bill.

‘We have a really serious inconsistency here where you have the House parliamentarian that has ruled it in order and the Senate parliamentarian that has been out of step with virtually every other aspect of this party,’ she said.

AOC wants fire this parliamentarian just because she made a non-partisan analysis based on the restrictions of the reconciliation process. It’s absolutely fascist and unfair, but that’s how these radical Democrats get when they don’t get their way.

It’s their way or the highway, just like with the Supreme Court. Trump won in 2016 and put three new judges on the bench, so they want to completely change the structure of the court now.

So this poor parliamentarian, which we won’t name out of respect for her, is undoubtedly getting death threats and having her life turned upside down because she dared do her job and rule against Democrats. It’s absolutely despicable that Democrats like AOC would target her like this.

As we pointed out in the last post, the problem isn’t with the parliamentarian’s ruling, it’s that Democrats do not have the votes to pass this minimum wage hike because Manchin and Sinema oppose it. Let’s just say Democrats got the ruling from the parliamentarian they wanted. If Manchin and Sinema stuck to their guns and voted against he COVID relief bill because it contained the minimum wage hike, it would still fail, assuming all Republicans voted against it as well.

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