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Alyssa Milano Tells Trump To Convert His Hotels Into Hospitals Until Pandemic’s Over

by J.C McCallum

Alyssa Milano got a bunch of Hollywood celebrities, including Don Cheadle, Lori Petty, and Michael McKean, to approve of her new plan to help fight the coronavirus.

Milano, of course, is not talking about doing anything herself – no, that would mean she would have to take responsibility for her actions, she would have to back up her talk.

Liberals do not like to back up their cheap talk, that is out of the question. They just like to complain, about darn near everything these days.

Like Milano who got a few claps on the back for telling Trump to convert his hotels into hospitals to fight the virus.

Which leaves one question, and it is important and not just for the big mouths in Hollywood but also the captains of industry – what are they doing to help us fight this?

Why don’t you get all your rich friends, Alyssa, and buy or rent a hotel and turn it into a hospital? You have the money.

Or maybe turn one of your mansions into a quarantine zone for people as they wait for the disease to run its course and they can go home?

No, it is easier to attack Trump, the guy who is trying to fight this, from the cheap seats without lifting a finger yourself. Sad.

From Breitbart:

Milano wrote on Wednesday that President Trump’s hotels have the bed capacity that the city urgently needs to accommodate the growing number of sick.

“Trump owns how many hotels in the US? And how many in NY in particular?” the former Who’s the Boss? star asked. “He should offer to turn them into hospitals until this pandemic is over. We need beds. He’s got ’em.”

The Trump Organization’s official site says it has only one hotel in New York City — the Trump International Hotel & Tower, which is located near Columbus Circle.  Trump Tower in midtown Manhattan isn’t a hotel, but rather a mixed-use building with residential and commercial space.

Trump International Hotel & Tower said on its site that it is still open during the coronavirus pandemic, but its guest amenities like food service have temporarily closed until further notice.

Alyssa Milano’s tweet follows multiple reports saying that New York City officials are considering a plan to convert some hotels into hospitals — but only for non-coronavirus patients with minor ailments.  The Wall Street Journal reported that some hotels are already being used by the city for quarantine.

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