Home News After Lying For 3 Years James Clapper Finally Tells Truth: ‘No Evidence of Russian Trump Collusion”

After Lying For 3 Years James Clapper Finally Tells Truth: ‘No Evidence of Russian Trump Collusion”

by J.C McCallum

James Clapper and Susan Rice and John Brennan and Ada Schiff and Eric Swalwell have all been thoroughly discredited by their own damn words.

They are national disgraces and if there is justice left in this great country, heads must roll. Clapper and the rest were relentless on CNN and MSNBC that Trump was colluding with Russia.

Some said they had proof, others said people were going to jail, while others selectively leaked half-truths to help the frame-up.

they all worked this together – Schiff would leak, Clapper would come in as the expert and pronounce Trump guilty.

Today he is singing a different tune – after transcripts contradicted him he is now telling CNN the truth. he admitted today there was never any proof to the charges,

Look, CNN should not allow former Obama officials on their airwaves to mislead the American people. Honest journalists, if they too were duped, would never allow these shills on the air.

From Washington Examiner:

During a Thursday interview on CNN’s New Day, James Clapper, who was the director of national intelligence for most of Obama’s presidency, told network host John Berman that he never saw any evidence of collusion between the two groups.

“No, I did not. Of course, collusion is not a formally defined term, certainly in a legal sense,” he said. “If you read the intelligence community assessment, particularly the highly classified version and as well as the unclassified version, you won’t find the ‘c-word’ anywhere in that report.”

While Clapper said he “had no evidence of such collusion” in early 2017, he took a different tone while being interviewed by CNN’s Brianna Keilar last year. At the time, he said he was disturbed by the activities of Russia in its attempts to interfere with the 2016 election, adding that he believed the Trump campaign was “essentially aiding and abetting the Russians.”

The terms “aid” and “abet,” in the case of enabling agents of a foreign power such as Russia, fall within the U.S. criminal code and potentially can lead to severe criminal penalties.

Last Thursday, the House Intelligence Committee released thousands of pages of transcripts from its closed-off interviews from 2017 to 2018 regarding Russian interference in the 2016 election. The released documents also showed Clapper admitting to the congressional committee that there was no direct evidence that the Trump campaign colluded with a foreign entity to influence the election.

“I never saw any direct empirical evidence that the Trump campaign or someone in it was plotting/conspiring with the Russians to meddle with the election,” Clapper said. “That’s not to say that there weren’t concerns about the evidence we were seeing, anecdotal evidence. … But I do not recall any instance where I had direct evidence of the content of these meetings. It’s just the frequency and prevalence of them was of concern.”

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