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ABC New ‘Journalist’ Gets Caught Trying To Cover Up A Disgusting Attack On A GOP Congresswoman

by Paul Goldberg

Yesterday we reported about Rep. Elise Stefanik who interrupted Schiff at the beginning of the impeachment hearing on Wednesday using a parliamentary rule to get Schiff on the record.

Her move drew the ire of some on the left like Andrea Mitchell from MSNBC news but, none of her critics were more sexists and worse than ABC News political analyst Matthew Dowd.

It was so bad he deleted the tweet but, it was too late and the was forced to apologize. Matthew Dowd, wrote, “Elise Stefanik is a perfect example of why just electing someone because they are a woman or a millennial doesn’t necessarily get you the leaders we need.”

Dowd was criticizing how Stefanik has really been a thorn is Rep. Adam Schiff side throughout the impeachment process and constantly calling him out.

Many thought Dowd’s tweet was sexist and others compared it to how different his comment was to how he treated Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez when she was elected.

Dowd claims this was all just a misunderstanding, “I think people are misunderstand my tweet. So I will delete. I am saying just saying we need more millennials or more women isn’t going to solve the problem of needing more leaders with integrity. Vote integrity no matter what. Hey @EliseStefanik I just want to apologize for a tweet that is being misinterpreted.”

“I didn’t mean to suggest you were elected only because you were a woman or a millennial,” he added. “I deleted the tweet.”

Stefanik’s response was perfect and she replied, “Apology accepted @matthewjdowd – @ABCPolitics should be ashamed of your comment. This is one of the reasons young women don’t run for office.”

One reason why the left hates Stefanik so much is because she is incredibly effective at her job. She is so effective that she made Times top 100 this year…

Written by Staff WriterNovember 14, 2019

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